Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When Stoney sends Alise the mental images of Ob, she starts laughing all over again.

Bebe, why are you so out of breath? What are you and Raina doing?

Still laughing, Alise sends back, Nothing, mon amour. She wont explain to me about the toys in her dresser and so is beating me with a pillow. You should see them Chiot, different colors and sizes.... Stoney jumps at her squealing, knowing that Alise must have been talking out loud too so that Raina heard her.

Ob asks whats going on and when Stoney tells him Raina and Alise were playing, he makes a sardonic face. Stoney laughs, shakes his head and says “No, just a pillow fight.”

Alise touches his mind again, I think we should go soon and see if the hammock has been fixed, it will be too cold soon.... and she sends an image of her naked body bathed in moonlight, legs open, waiting for him and the hammock swinging back and forth...

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