Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pandora had been pushing for some time now and was exhausted. Rowan could see the worry in Obs eyes and she moves from her spot at the foot of the bed to Pandoras side. She reassures her and Ob that that everything was moving along as expected and that with first babies this stage took some time.

Star was getting things laid out on the other side of the bed. A soft blanket, tape measure, eye drops, clips for the umbilical cord and some gauze pads to wipe Chloes nose and mouth. When Rowan helps Pandora to sit up and push with a contraction Star looks and can see a small area of Chloes head starting to peek out of the birth canal. She also notices that Pandora is closing her eyes when she pushes. With the next contraction Star grabs Pandoras hand as she sits up, startling her into opening her eyes to see who has taken her hand. Star moves Pandoras hand to feel the soft hair of the babys head between her legs. “Thats Chloe. She is almost here. Dont close your eyes, you will want to see her arrive wont you?”

Pandoras eyes go wide, “Ohh... is that really her? Ob look, she is finally coming...” Her strength renewed and with Obs and Rowans help Pandora is able to push Chloe out and into Stars waiting hands. She quickly wipes the baby's nose and mouth, making sure her airway is clear. As she holds Chloe she notices the folds, which will one day be wings, on the little one's back and smiles. You will be like your daddy... Chloe opens her eyes and looks at Star making cooing noises already. Star waits to wrap her in a blanket so that Ob and Pandora can see the folds right away. She hands her to Ob, still connected to her mother by the cord.

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