Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ob looks at Rowan, his eyes wide. He begins to breathe with Pandora, kissing her hands where they grip his. Alise slips out the door and Miko darts in. He perches on the headboard, watching everything.

Miko croons softly, singing in an unknown language. His brothers pick up the song, singing from the doorway to the balcony. Rachal peeks from the curtains, adding her own voice. A sense of peace steals over Ob. He smiles his thanks at Miko and the demifae nods, never missing a beat. The next pain ripples through Pandora, pressing down on Chloe. Ob can feel his daughter move closer. She reaches out to him. Ob's joy tugs at her, spilling over into Pandora.

"Breathe Bruha..." He breathes with her, giving them both his strength.

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