Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Raina." She turns to face Erik with a smile. "It would please me if you would marry us, sister. I'd like a traditional Viking wedding and you're the only one who'd know how - but there's more, too.

You are my sister and my friend. We searched for each other for seven hundred years. It seems right to have you bind my love and I together."

Raina swallows hard, forcing the tears back. “I would be honored, but you do realize that I am not a legal minister? You might want to ask Rowan to at least do the portion of it that makes it legal. What else do you guys want? Have you talked about anything yet?”

Noticing the blank look on Stars face Raina tries to explain some of their traditions to her. “We'll get it worked out, dont worry. And its not like everything is set in stone. Most weddings are just family and close friends with the wedding feast being quite a bit larger. Although Viking families tend to be pretty big...”

Star looks down at her hands and up at Raina, “I have family... and I want a small wedding anyway.”

“Okay, so small like the size of Alises wedding?” Raina asks, trying to get a feel for what Star wants.

Star shakes her head, “Smaller...”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure... jj..just us” and Star looks at Erik, Raina and Nick. “And Alise and Stoney. The babies if it isnt too cold.” Star starts to giggle, “And leopard, Tiger, Snake...”

Raina laughs, “There will be more animals than people...”

“Thats all right, I dont mind...”

Continuing with her questions Raina asks, “How about the wedding feast? There are a few specifics that are important, but how big do you want that to be? It is generally a bigger affair than the wedding...”

Star looks at Erik and says “I dd...dont care how big that is. However Erik wants it is fine.”

Erik and Raina smile at each other, remembering other feasts they had attended in the past. Some would last for days and end only when the mead ran out and no one could do anything but crawl for home. “So if its all the usual crowd here, the gars, the riders, shifters, thats going to be okay?”

Star nods and Raina looks at Erik. “Okay with you brother?”

Erik smiles and nods, “Remember it has to be on a Friday...”

Raina nods, “Anything else? How soon?”

'We have to wait a couple of weeks, so Pandora will feel better and at least join us to eat. If thats all right...” Star glances from Raina to Erik.

Everyone agrees that sounds perfect and glasses are raised for toasts.

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