Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ob slides up on the bed behind Pandora, cradling her body. His arms caress along hers and he kisses the top of her damp hair. Traeger takes his place at Pandora's side, taking one of her hands in his. The Fae rock with the rhythm of their song. As Pandora tenses with another contraction, Ob sends his love through his links with Chloe to Pandora.

"Soon mi chicas... soon our little gypsy will be in our arms."

Pandora curls with the pain. Ob looks up at Rowan, Pandora's pain in his eyes.  He feels Chloe's fear as the muscles clamp down again. He tries to send peace, fighting to control his own fear at their agony.

He begins to wonder how Chloe will look. His own birth is still talked about in the Clan. Maybe it was his Deamon heritage mixed with his mother's mixed Gar blood, but Ob was born with wings. They had been small, soft, and totally nonfunctioning, but branded him outcast. It didn't matter. Chloe was coming and no matter what, she would know love.

He kisses the top of Pandora's head, murmuring into her ear.

"Amo usted, Bruha. Nuestro chica, es impaciente ser nacido."

*I love you, Bhuha. Our girl, she is eager to be born.

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