Sunday, January 30, 2011

The baby lays in his arms, her head cradled in his elbow.  Her blue eyes stare into his. Ob runs a finger through her soft hair.

"Welcome to the world Chloe, mi pequen'o amor."

He opens his mind to his Kin, feeling their wonder. Passing on an image of her, wing folds and all. He feels Ike's laughter. Look! She is like I was! Baby girl has wings! Ob feels a sense of relief rush through him. His chosen Nest sibs would accept her wings as a gift.

"You will be loved by so many, chica."

Miko swoops down, drawing Chloe's intense gaze. "She is a jewel, amigo! We must think hard on her gifts."

He alights on Ob's shoulder and cocks his head. Chloe reaches toward the demifae cooing. Miko nods his head slowly. "Si... she is very strong willed amigo. I wonder which side she gets THAT from."

*my little love

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