Saturday, January 29, 2011

Raina sighs, not wanting this tension between two people that mean the world to her, but understanding it in part. “I have something else we need to discuss, not just an unknown vamp. Lets talk to Mortuis about that tomorrow, and see what he thinks.”

She sighs again, looking at Star. Little one, I wish I could spare you this. Life is hard enough as you have already learned. What if we are wrong? But its just too uncanny, too strange almost to not be true...

“Whats wrong? Something is on your mind, I can tell.” Erik pulls Star close, sensing Raina's concern.

“Just thinking....and remembering. Do you remember studying the Eddas? And the Sagas? And that wife of father's, Rosa, the one who taught me to scry? It was her daughter, the pretty one you almost got caught with in the barn... Tannr tried to help you sneak away over the roof and you both fell through. He was such a klutz until you put a sword in his hand.....”

Erik nods, “Of course I remember. Why the sudden trip down memory lane? And by the way, who was the little fae that was here earlier? She seemed rather timid...”

Gareth is mostly unsuccessful at trying to stifle a laugh at the last comment. The sound he does make is more like a snort and he apologizes, “I am sorry. I dont mean to laugh, but timid she is not. She is the personal emissary for the Queen of the Bright Court, her most trusted and possibly only trusted aide. Her name is legendary among our people....”

Raina nods, “She had a message for Gareth and when she saw Star, she had to tell us about a prophecy, one that is fairly well-known in her Realm. And when I started to think about it, there is something in the Sagas so similar its almost uncanny... That's what I need to talk to you about.”

Raina asks Gareth to tell Erik the prophecy according to his people. Erik listens quietly, nodding at the description of the woman that gives birth to the warrior. It does fit Star, and Gareth goes on to explain that Inari, who had traveled the Realms extensively had never seen eyes like Stars.

Star smiles, “Bbb...but I am not pregnant... and there has to someone in the world with my eyes... my ff...father maybe....”

Erik shakes his head, "That may be true, love, but we can't assume that. For every person that looks forward to the fulfillment of prophecy, there's another who wants to keep it from coming to pass. In this case, the Great Darkness would benefit if the child of promise was never born. You understand what I'm saying."

Raina nods, “I thought the same thing at first. But then I thought about the Eddas and those Sagas, the ones father always told us about.”

Raina repeats the lines in Norse, as she learned them. Eriks face goes completely still and Raina isnt sure that anyone else would have noticed.

“See? The timing, the combination, its uncanny, strange, whatever you want to call it. I can scry and see if I can learn anything that way. Stoney helped me once before, and I prefer to have two others present...” Her voice trails off, mentally making plans.

Erik sits back and looks at the faces around the table and finally at Star, sitting quietly with Panther's big head resting on her lap. Rainas words repeating in his mind.... A Viking warrior, an alfar with hair as silver as the winter wolf, Loki's eyes and the gift of speech with all Odins creatures. Father always bragged that his line was all warriors, back to the beginning....Star does have a strange gift with animals and even ones that she should be wary of but isn't....

Patti stops at the table and asks if they need another round and almost jumps out of her her skin when she gets a collective 'yes' from everyone at the table...

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