Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cassie snuggles in Keons arms, nuzzling his neck and running her fingers up and down the skin of his back. “I doubt if anyone would miss me much, but we can go to my place. I live in a boathouse, on the lake at the edge of the woods. No one will bother us there. The path forks up ahead, follow to the left, it will takes us close enough...”

Moments later the woods open up to a clearing and a large lake. A small dock with a houseboat tied and anchored sits close to the woods on one side. The moon is barely visible, dark clouds diminishing the light but leaving enough for the horse to find his way. Keon ties him to a post from a dilapidated fence, the fence long gone and only a few posts remaining. He takes the saddle off and leans it on another old post, and grabs the saddle bags with their clothes.

Cassie leads the way to the beach and down the short dock to her house. She grabs the lantern that she leaves outside the door when she isn't home and lights it. “Come in. Watch the first step..” The lantern gives the room a soft glow revealing an alcove with a bed and a small living area. “Its not much, but I like it. I can get in the water whenever I feel like it and its private.”

Keon sets the bags down on a chair and pulls Cassie into his arms. “Now we can take our time...” He kisses her passionately and runs his hands through her hair.

Cassie smiles, taking his hand and pulls him towards the bed. She sits on the edge and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks slowly, taking her time, enjoying feeling him getting harder with every second. She runs her tongue around the head and down the hard length to his balls and gently sucks.

Keon moans and pulls away, “I want to taste you.... Get up on the bed...”

Cassie pushes herself back, and giving Keon a wicked grin, opens and closes her legs, teasing him with glimpses of a bare pussy, already wet and glistening.

Keon kneels on the bed and pushes Cassie's knees open, smiling at the view. “Lass, you're beautiful, all of you...”

Cassie is leaning on her elbows, watching Keon as he lowers his head and tugs on the ring in her hood with his teeth. When his tongue slips over her clit she starts to tremble, and her legs spread further apart, her wet slit beckoning. As Keons tongue slips a bit lower, Cassie head falls back and she starts to whimper. His tongue moving back to her clit he slips a finger inside her wetness and starts to rub the spot that will bring her close to the edge. Cassie starts to thrust against his hand, wanting more, senseless with desire. She sits up and grabs his hair, pulling his face up to hers, “Fuck me, you're making me crazy, just fuck me please...”

Keon smiles, “As my lady wishes...”

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