Sunday, January 30, 2011

I smile, seeing Mortuis waiting for me. He holds my cloak out, draping it across my shoulders. The brush of his lips across my bare cheek still startles me, in a good way of course. I smile up at him before sweeping out the door and into the chill air.

I feel his eyes upon me and smile to myself, putting a bit more roll into my hips, just for him. My jewelry chimes softly as I nearly dance to the hearse. When he slides behind the wheel, I close my eyes. I slip out his cd of Night On Bald Mountain and pop in Nox Arcana. He raises a brow and I hold up a finger.

"Say nothing My Right Hand of Death, just listen."

We ride to the Tavern listening to something a little different, settling me into the right mind for representing Our Kin.

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