Sunday, January 30, 2011

The peace of his home brings a type of peace to Stoney. Even locked in stone he can feel Alise's love and the joy of their little ones. Stoney's mind touches hers, trailing soft kisses along her neck. She can feel his hands sliding over her hips. Her own kisses tease him, reminding him that when he wakes, she will be able to show him just how much she loves him. She hums one of the songs he sings to the babies as she feeds Tara.

A panic-stricken shout breaks his reverie. Alise stops humming, tuning into the sending. It is difficult to understand at first. Stoney pauses, shuts his mind to Alise, then shouts OB! SHUT UP! Instant silence follows. Bro... talk to me, what is going on?

Ob stumbles over his thoughts, half coherent. Part of his mind is wrapped around Pandora and Chloe, the other half scrambling to reach his kin and Alise. Pandora's water broke... curled up beside me... sent Miko for help...

His thoughts stop, focusing elsewhere and Stoney hears him calming Chloe. It's okay chica... This will hurt a little... Mamacita is okay. We are getting help. Pandora's pain washes over Stoney and Alise. Alise starts to pace Pandora's breaths, passing the thoughts onto Ob. The thoughts seems to ease Ob, letting him know they are not alone.

Chaton, Rowan's number is in my cell phone. Tell her Pandora's labor started and she is on the floor next to Ob. Oh... and Silk... but I don't have her number.

Ob rattles off the numbers and Stoney passes them on to Alise. He feels a surge in Ob's energy and curses in fluent French. Ob is trying to change early. Not sure what shape he will take if he does... Bro... easy... Dragon won't fit in the room... Deamon is just as bad... Stay stone, dude! Help is on its way!

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