Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ob's hands skim over Pandora, cupping her breasts as she rocks on his cock. Her head is thrown back as she pants. Damp tendrils of her hair contrast in the moonlight, shadow against the pale beauty of her gravid body. He loves her, more than he could ever hope, even more as her smoky gaze meets his.

"Fuck me Bruha... OOOh Gods..."

He grabs her hips, forcing her down, pressing deep as she clenches hard. There is a sudden rush and Ob explodes, calling her name. She melts against him and Ob gathers her close, caressing every inch he can touch. Chloe moves under his hand and he smiles, closing his eyes and enjoying the peace of their  aftermath.

Predawn crawls along the covers, shimmering over alabaster skin and blue-black waves. Ob sighs, knowing he must soon leave the bed and turn to stone. Kissing Pandora gently, he slips carefully from under the coverlet. Pandora moves in her sleep. He watches as she nestles into the warmth of his spot. He bends over, kissing the tight curve of her belly.

"*Dormir pozo, mi novias."

Miko darts in, finding a comfortable spot in the bedside planter. He salutes Ob and disappears into the leaves. Ob slips under the shower's hot spray for a few moments then settles just inside the glass doors. Something tells him to stay in the room today. His last look for the night is of his woman, peacefully dreaming, as the sun caresses her body.

*Sleep well, my darlings.

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