Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alise tosses on Stoneys discarded t-shirt and goes to Tomas' cradle. “Come here little man. What is wrong?” She holds him close and picks up Tara too and returns to the bed and Stoney, handing Tara over to him.

Tomas starts to fuss, making his discomfort known to his mother. As she reaches for a clean diaper on the nightstand she pauses momentarily. “Chiot.... did you notice that?”

Looking up from cuddling with Tara, Stoney says, “Notice what mon amour?”

Smiling Alise tells him, “He touched my mind without going through yours... I could feel him, just like I feel you... Will Tara do that too? What will we do when there is a houseful? My head will surely explode...”

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