Monday, January 31, 2011

Raina heads down the stairs after taking a quick shower. Nick was right behind her, playfully grabbing her ass, making her laugh. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs she shakes out her still damp hair. Turning to Nick she says, “Hey, I need to ask Traeger something. Wanna grab a table and I'll be with you in a minute..”

Raina speaks to Traeger about the things she needs for Eriks wedding. She wants to give him a new sword, one just like their fathers. “I can try to draw a picture of it, or maybe I can get Star to draw it if I tell her what it looked like. I also need a circlet for her, something with some pink stones and not very tall, maybe an inch. And a cup, similar to a loving cup... bowl shaped with handles on either side, decorated with the forms of birds... is it too much? Do we have enough time? Maybe I could find something that would serve as the loving cup...”

As Traeger is taking notes, Raina notices Alise on the other side of Rowan. She smiles a greeting and Alise asks her if she can give her and the twins a ride to see Rowan tomorrow. Raina is puzzled, Rowan would go to Alise if needed, even just to check the babies.

“Sure, I can take you. But whats going on? Rowan usually just goes to your house...”

Alise says, “Its nothing. Tara needs to be weighed and measured and I want to get out of the house for a bit. I will see then. Thank you.” And she heads back to Stoney, who also has a puzzled expression on his face.

Raina looks at Rowan, “Well, that was weird. Whats going on with her?”

Rowan shrugs, “I guess we will find out tomorrow...”

Sighing Raina turns back to Traeger. She knows there is no point in asking Rowan anything else. Nothing on earth would make her break a confidence with a patient.

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