Saturday, January 29, 2011

The song ends with Pandora still laughing up at him. He frowns, glancing over her head at the back booths. Chloe moves between them, reminding them both she is still there. A slower song starts and Ob sways pressing her to him. Ob moves away slightly and strokes gently along her belly. Pandora shakes her head and sinks her hands in his multi-colored mane. Her laughter dies as she stares into his icy eyes.

"You should know that any man pales in my eyes compared to you, my love. He just has a mysterious power I can't explain... not interested. He... scares me... and Chloe doesn't like it..." She holds tummy as Chloe kicks hard. Ob presses his forehead to hers, caressing her back, moving sensually so he rubs her belly between them.

"I don't like him Pandora." His use of her name has her looking into his eyes. "I don't like the way he looks at the women here, I don't like the way he looks at you..." His words cut off as Chloe kicks hard enough to make Pandora wince. His large hand spans her belly and he croons softly.

"Hush chica... Pa'pa will not upset mamacita with more talk about that man. You are MY chicas and I love you both."

He kisses Pandora gently and there is a cough from her hair.

"Yo Amigo! Want me to go unman him?"

Ob laughs, having forgotten Miko. The demifae grins up at Ob.

"Save your energy amigo. Between you and your brothers, I think mi Mujer and bambina have excellent protection when I am not close, si?"

The demifae grins at Ob's compliment, giving him a thumbs up.

Ob laughs and grins at Pandora.

"Bruha, I don't think you will be alone at any time. Um... maybe you should start showering with your clothes on...?"

Pandora laughs and Ob swings her around. The song ends and Ob leads her back to their table.

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