Monday, January 31, 2011

As I sweep through the hallway, I seek the telltale energy of the shadow. It had a sorcerous taste, necromantic, and it was NOT Magnus. I touch his mind, alerting him to the presence and my inability to catch up with it. His hunter insitncts will follow my movements. I also let him feel that my cousins are not unwilling for his added protection. I will give him a verbal confirmation when I reach the taproom.

I pause outside one door. Passion. I recognize the Shaman and Vampire's energies. So this is what caused the shadow to speed onward. It cannot fathom true love and affection. I smile. Well that is one weapon this crowd has at its disposal. Genuine love.

I move on, picking up the trail. The shadow slipped through the rails and down the wall. It hovered in the shadows near Keon's table, then slipped out the door. I catch Keon's eye, motioning him to stay seated. I open the front door and step outside. The shadow is gone, the echo of its energy lost in the trails of those who came and went. I return to the tavern and join Magnus.

He has been watching me, knowing I was tracking. At his raised eyebrow I shake my head. "Lost it. Whatever, whoever it was... Theirs was a distinct interest in the going-ons in Pandora and Ob's room. They are grateful for your offer, and wish both us and Keon present when the demifae give their blessings."

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