Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rath watched the woman dancing with her mate and it was unquestionably erotic... they seemed totally immersed in each other and the hell with the world. She was large with child; but very sexy in spite of it... or because of it... he couldn't decide, but he was having trouble taking his eyes off her. He realized others at her table were watching him and he made a decided effort to find something else to entertain himself.

His attention shifted to a group just settling in... and he recognized another vampire in the tall man with the warrior woman. She exuded sexuality as she walked without trying... and the couple looked to be well suited. He hadn't decided about the faes that accompanied them. The woman was delicate and had hair like burning embers in a fire... but she looked to be able to take care of herself just from her bearing. The man had a sadness to his visage; as if he suffered some terrible loss he hadn't recovered from. Certainly a lot of interesting characters in this establishment; he knew he would not grow tired of coming here.

The band was beginning to tune up and he focused on some of the young women hanging around the stage; there were several beauties among them.

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