Monday, January 31, 2011

In the act of sitting down, Keon stops dead. He looks at Erik, trying to make sure he actually heard what he thought he had. Leaving his plate, Keon resumes his seat across from Erik and Star. He stares into Erik's eyes, saying nothing for a few moments.

"You surprise me. I did not think you trusted the Fae kind, at least not the Unseelie." A slow twist of the lips brings a wicked smile. His eyes seem to glow darkly.  He smiles, teeth bright in the near pitch of his features. "If I am to be your second, call me Keon. Or Ke."

He glances past Erik, standing. "Guunnar, put my burger DOWN. NOW!" He watches until Guunnar puts the food back, then turns to Erik and Star. "I apologize for the outburst. Leave food unattended near Guunnar and it is likely to be eaten."

Settling back into his chair, Keon smiles at the couple. "You honor me Erik. Allow me to give a little advice? Do not tell your opponents they will be allowed free if they defeat you. Tell them instead that the Dark Lords will let them leave." He leans close. "We will let them go. For the moment. Trust me, it will be for just a moment."

Keon sits back, watching past Erik. His face grows grim for a moment. Star looks over her shoulder just in time to see Guunnar swallow. Keon's plate is empty. Guunnar shrugs, giving an innocent face.

Keon shakes his head. "Let me have Twill send a list of the available weapons. As for the Sidhe, when would you like them rounded up? Perhaps the shifters would give us the loan of their combat field..."

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