Saturday, January 29, 2011

Star sips her wine and watches all the action in the tavern from her seat safely next to Erik. She is fascinated with Cassie's skin and tries hard not to stare at her.

She tugs on Eriks sleeve, “Do you tt...think she is pretty? The blue girl...”

Erik looks and smiles at Star. “Yes, but not as beautiful as you are, Princess.”

Smiling, Star returns to watching the crowd. Raina looks like she has a headache, she keeps holding her head in her hands. The fae who seems to be a friend of Gareth's keeps looking at her, but Star just assumes its her eyes. Everyone stares at my eyes when they first meet me. She seems concerned about something though. I wonder what it is....

Monty and Patti are busy at the bar. Guunnar is flirting with a bunch of girls at the same time but when he sees Star watching he makes a face at her and wiggles his mustache, making her laugh out loud. Her gaze returns to the couples on the dance floor. When she sees a tall dark haired man dancing with a local girl Star starts to feel funny. Something about the man doesnt seem right and she cant figure it out at first.

She looks at Erik, her eyes starting to go red.

He leans close and asks. “Whats wrong? Do you see something?” He is instantly worried that Morgan has returned to the tavern and somehow got in without attracting any attention.

“Ttt...that man... the one dancing. He scares” Star stutters.

“Its all right, he cant hurt you.” Erik puts an arm around her.

“No, its not tt... that. He isnt breathing.... just like Nick....”

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