Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miko darts down the stairs, knowing that only a few people are around at this time of day. He had to get to Monty and Patti. He startles both of them with a piercing scream. Demifae shoot out of their hiding places brandishing weapons.

He zooms through his fellow kind to hover before Monty. "Baby coming... Need midwife! Need Bruha's Papa!"

Patti reaches for the phone as Monty races for the door. In moments the two Fae are bursting into Traeger's shop. Startled customers look up as Monty grabs Traeger's arm.

"Pandora is in labor. Patti is calling Rowan. Do you have someone to watch the shop, or..."

Traeger smiles at Monty. "First babies take a while. Tell Pandy that I will be there soon as I can."

Miko salutes, gripping a handful of hair and tugs, urging Monty back to the Tavern. Keon is just edging open the door, careful of the packages in his hands, as the two Fae emerge. Miko darts away, angling up to Pandora's private balcony. Monty updates Keon as he holds the door for the Sidhe.

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