Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ike hits the taproom at a dead run. She throws herself into Monty's arms, kissing him deeply. When they come up for a breath, Keon laughs.

"Looks like ye've been missed, lad."

Ike grins at Keon. "You could say that."

Ike tugs out a chair and drops on it. "Stoney and Alise are on their way. Ob is trying hard to be calm, but he can feel both Pandora and Chloe's discomfort. He is feeling helpless. I am dying to know what happened a few minutes ago. He was broadcasting and suddenly went silent. Almost like he couldn't think." Ike grinned.

"The next thing I get is Madre y Dios! and he sends up a wall so fast..." She looks around the taproom. "Anybody know where Tori is? She isn't in her room."

Keon laughs, giving Monty wide eyes. "Does she always run on so much?"

Ike pouts and Keon kisses her cheek. Stoney tosses a bag into Ike's lap and she jumps.

"Kissing the wrong guy. little sis,"

She growls at him and Stoney laughs. "He kissed me." She looks at the bag in  her lap. "and Monty was right here. What's this?"

"Bagels and strawberry cream cheese, Ob's favorite. He can't protect Pandora and Chloe in this and it is really upsetting him." Stoney shrugs. "I don't know what else to do..."

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