Monday, January 31, 2011

Monty brings Keon one of his blades. Keon nods his thenks and moves so Star can see what happens. Pricking the tip of his finger with the sharp point, Keon squeezes his finger, expressing three drops of blood onto the blade. Writing Twill's name, Keon then blows over the slick red. The blood seems to seep into the polished surface.

A grim faced, pale blond Sidhe appears in the surface, his voice sounding as if he were right there.

"Lord Blackthorn, Do we move now? The Hounds are pacing the..." He stops suddenly, spying Star. "Goddess... This is the Lady Star? Blessings and Salutations, Fair Maiden."

His eyes shifted back to Keon. "What say you, Lord Blackthorn?"

Keon grins. "Acquisition is today. No Justice. The Viking Warrior has decided on Duel. I agreed to be his Second."

Twill's eyes widen. "I thought he mistrusts us?" At Keon's nod, Twill continues. "No matter. Where do we bring the Targets, and have you another need?"

Keon taps his lip. "Keep them at the usual detention center. I will let you know where the Duel will take place. I need a list of weaponry in the Cache'"

"As you will. An hour too long?"

"No, that is fine. I have shadows behind me. Have it brought? It is a safe  place for our kind to be seen."

He raises the blade, letting Twill see what is around him. Twill nods and the blade goes blank. Keon wipes his hand across the blade.

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