Saturday, January 29, 2011

His mount nickers and Keon casts a quick glamour. Even though they ride nude, Cassie wrapped around him, for all intents and purposes, the others riding the path will see Keon and Cassie wrapped in a cloak of shadows. He whispers in her ear,

"Feign sleep me sweet, Move not, lest ye break the glamour. We ride on toward another, an' I would nay have them see our state of dress."

The stallion plods slowly along the Path and soon an approaching thud of hooves is heard. The rider pulls his pale mare to a halt. Keon halts as well.

"Hail and well met Lord Blackthorn! What have you there? One of the Courts' lost nymphs?"

Keon pulls Cassie just a little closer, careful not to disturb the glamour.

"Now Sir Brennon, You know I speak not of my duties, be they to Courts or Persons."

The Sidhe looks over Cassie with stark desire in his eyes. "She is beautiful Blackthorn. Give me her name."

Keon laughs and fixes the Sidhe with his dark gaze. "She is in my care Sir Brennon. That is enough for You to know. An You seek her on Your time, that is Your business, but to ask of her on Mine... That is folly Sir. I wish You well on what errand has You riding the Shadow Paths, but I must be off on Mine."

Keon urges his mount into a slow walk, pulling the glamour over them so they seem to disappear off the Path. He whispers into Cassie's ear.

"Well played Cassie. Brennon is related to both Courts and is a lech and more. Is there somewhere you would want to go to continue our pleasure?" He pushes his hips upwards, rubbing against her. "If I take you to My Realm, it may be longer than ye think. Tell me where to ride and I will cloak us in me true cloak and take ye wherever ye would. Gods... I want to stir yer waters again..."

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