Monday, January 31, 2011

Alise and Stoney sit close to one another listening to the music and talking. Alise was torn between wanting to get home to the twins and wanting to talk to Jack if he showed up.

“What if he doesnt show up tonight?” Stoney pulls her close to him, kissing the top of her head.

“Then I will have to call him or something. I dont think theres a rush. Stars maman hasnt tried to say anything. She just seems to want to be close to Star. I cant blame her. I wouldnt want to be parted from our little ones… even in death.” Alise shakes her head and lowers it, “What a horrible thought..”

Stoney tips her head up and kisses her. “Star seems happy now, with Rainas brother...”

“She does, and she deserves it. She is so sweet, the twins adore her, you can feel it whenever she is near them.”

Stoney feels Ob's curiosity as to the bedding that was piled in the cradle. Pandora is amazed at the workmanship of the cradle and its contents, the intricate embroidery on all the bedding has them stumped as to has given them the gift. Stoney smiles, remembering the hours Alise spent working on it, even though two of her fingers never healed quite right and gave her some pain, especially in this cold weather. Stoney relays the info to his brother.

Mon Fleur did this? For us? But her fingers...

Bro, she wanted to... for you and Chloe...

Tell her our thanks, it is a beautiful gift, and we will thank her properly when we see her next..

Stoney smiles, closing the connection, letting the family have this time to bond. He tells Alise what Ob has said and she grins, happy that they are pleased with the gift.

Stoney stands, “The waitresses all look busy. Let me get you a glass of wine while we wait for Jack.”

Grabbing his hand Alise says, “No, just get me a glass of stomach is a little upset.”

“Are you all right? Are you getting sick?” Stoney is immediately concerned.

“No, no, I think it must be all the excitement. Ob's baby, a wedding... Mon Dieu, there is never a dull moment around here. And look, there is Mortuis. We should say hello, he is seldom here these days.”

Stoney nods and heads to the bar....

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