Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star heads down the stairs looking for Erik. She wanted to let Pandora and Ob have some privacy with Chloe so they could bond as a family. She told Pandora she would check on her later and had her cell if they needed anything. She wanted to tell Erik that they would have to stay here tonight, in case Pandora or Ob called for her.

She moves slowly down the steps, always a little wary about who might be around. She sees Raina and Nick and Erik is sitting with them. He waves her over to their table and she sees Raina smiling ear to ear.

As she gets to the table Raina stands and grabs her, pulling her close, “Congratulations. There is no one else that I would want as my sister.”

Star returns the hug, smiling, “Thank you..I love you, Raina.”

“Same here. And if he's ever a jerk, just let me know. I'll kick his ass for you”

Star laughs, “He wont be a jj..jerk..”

“He better not” and Raina winks at her. “But there is someone you need to talk to. Rowan is sitting at the bar with Traeger. Maybe you should go tell her before someone else does. News travels fast around here and I know she thinks of you almost like a daughter. She would want to hear the news from you.”

Rowan was sitting at the bar with Traeger enjoying a whiskey and just relaxing. She had been on the run for days, her skills much in demand. It felt good to just sit back and not worry about things for a little while.

She looks over when she feels a gentle tug at her sleeve and sees Star standing next to her. “Goddess, you move so silently, I didnt know you were there. Is anything wrong?”

Star shakes her head, “No, everything is fine. I www...wanted to tell you something.”

She holds up her hand to show Rowan the ring, “Erik wants to mm..marry me..”

Full of happiness for Star, Rowan slips off her barstool and wraps Star in a huge hug. “This is such good news! I am so happy for you both. Have you guys decided when or any of the details?”

Star shakes her head, “Not yet...” and before she can lower her hand, Mya flits down from the rafters and does a little dance on top of Stars hand. Star laughs at her antics, then Mya floats up to Stars cheek and kisses her before quickly returning to her spot in the plants on the rafters.

As Stars gaze returns from the ceiling she sees Keon watching her and the little fairy, a slight smile on his face. Star returns the smile but is too shy to approach him by herself.

“Well it seems even the fairies approve.” Rowan hugs her again. “We have much to celebrate tonight. An engagement, a healthy babe. We are truly blessed by the goddess' gifts.”

After visiting for a few minutes Star excuses herself and returns to Erik. He pulls her onto his lap and wraps his arms around her. “Still happy Princess?”

Star nods and smiles, “oh yes, very, very happy...”

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