Monday, January 31, 2011

Pandora watched Silk singing to Chloe... a desert song, her heritage... she was sure she wanted Silk to teach her all of the Romanovich traditions... tell her of her dragon shapeshifter roots.... "Silk... would you honor us by being one of Chloe's godparents? I want you to teach Chloe all of her heritage, help her to shapeshift when it is time...teach her to understand the deamon she must learn to control."

She looked to Ob and saw approval in his eyes... and more... she was sore and tired from Chloe's birth; but seeing Ob standing there in his native robes, every inch the warrior... made her love and lust for him right now. She looked into his eyes and saw he reciprocated her feelings, her figure lush with motherhood was more alluring than ever to him. She longed for them to make love... to join as they did in that moment that made them one. He had claimed her this day as his... in all ways that were important to him; giving her the earrings and bracelet of obsidian; Chloe the earrings, claiming her as his child... were as close to marriage as they got in the Romanavich traditions... and she knew he was hers forever... for her heart held him dear and she knew she would never tire of him.

She rushed to his side, drawing his head down to kiss him with passion. "You have given me today my heart's desires... a child, and a love that is true. I am the happiest woman alive." She leaned into him... basking in his strength and love... watching their child study Silk with her icy blue eyes as she tugs again at Silk's hair.

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