Monday, January 31, 2011

There's nothing more I can do here for the moment. I let my eyes move over the taproom and discover Raina talking with Traeger. I move in that direction, leaving Star grinning at Guunnar.

The conversation stops abruptly when I get near and Raina looks up almost guiltily. Oh-ho, what have we here? But I say only, "Excuse me, I need to speak with my sister for a moment."

We walk a few steps away and Raina asks, "What's up?"

"Keon has found the Fae who raped Star. All things being equal, I'm going to be fighting one of them tomorrow, to the death. Star will be there, and I'd like for you to be there, too. If anything happens to me, I charge you to take care of Star for me. Will you accept this charge?"

"Don’t be silly, Erik, you know I will. You do what you have to do and come back to us in one piece."

"That, my sister, depends on the Norns as much as upon me…."

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