Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ob listens quietly to Star's coaching. Pandora has relaxed and Chloe is not reacting to the fear they both still feel. He has been listening to the pace and rhythm of the breathing excercises, hoping he can do justice to Star's confident instructions.

He feels the stone begin to recede and struggles to make it release him faster.

Another spasm rips through Pandora and he is at her side in moments. Stoney pushes at him to be calm for his woman. Ob struggles for control and sinks to his knees beside Pandora.

"Bruha... I am here. I am sorry for taking so long." He leans forward and kisses her belly, whispering to Chloe. "Papa is here, chica. We do this together, you, me, and Mamacita..."

He looks up at Star, turning so the worry in his eyes is not apparant to Pandora. Her eyes are wide, a shocked, yet amused look on Star's face. Confused he looks in the direction Star is most avoiding.

Ob grabs a pillow and backs away slowly. "I am... I will be right back mi amour."

He backs to the bathroom door and grabs his *saroulles. He is gone for several moments. When he returns, the harem pants are on and he bows to Star. "My apologies, Star. I was... um... distracted...."

She bites her lips, stifling a laugh and Ob kneels again beside Pandora.

"Bruha, are you alright? Chloe wants to come NOW."

*mideastern harem style pants

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