Monday, January 31, 2011

Ob kisses the top of her head.

"You, mi amor, are not leaving this suite for a while. Your body needs rest, and we need bonding time with Chloe." The baby beams at her parents. "Also, the Tavern is well in hand. Patti and Ike as management, Monty there to back them up. We have so many friends among the regulars, no one will dare cause trouble. Hell, we have RIDERS as regulars. Guunnar alone could defend us against a Barbarian Horde."

They grin. Just the image of Guunnar standing there, battle axe in one hand, sword in another... Someone would have to think twice about invading.

"Then of course there are my sisters. Don't piss off the Gargoyles." As the image flits through their minds, Chloe giggles, startling both her parents. "I think we have approval to stay where we are, mi amor."

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