Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ob's anquish is not unnoticed. I can feel her contractions through Ob's connection. I send him comfort and reassurances that Pandora is not doing anything any other woman of the Romanavich has not done. I share his joy as Chloe is lain in his arms, and assure him I will be there before the night is gone. I smile and shift, rising to put my book away. Mortuis looks up from his notes.

"Mi amor..." I kiss him gently, breathing in his energy's aroma. "Pandora has brought a little girl into the world. I must attend my cooza for a bit. I also wish to see the child. If she is anything like her papa, she will be a handful."

I kiss him again. "Do you work this night? Or will you come with me?"

I blow him a kiss and head to the room where my things are stored. I do something I would not do elsewhere. I concentrate, letting my essence become mist and move into my old bottle. A feeling of apprehension rises through me and I watch the top, even though I know no one here would trap me.

I push down the feeling and grab the things I need. In moments I am taking my true form and stripping out of the clothes I have worn all day. My fingers trail over silk kaftan as I hang it up for a moment. Still in bra and panties, I bend over the bed, checking the silver needles and ointments in my roll. I tie it shut and move it to the dresser beside my hair clips.

The kaftan glides over my body with a feather's touch. The midnight blue silk draws out highlights in my black waves. The embroidered belt settles on my hips and I sit to tug on my boots. As I arrange my hair and put on my coin and gem jewelry, I run over any other preparations in my mind.

All I need to do is pack the small bag with the piercing kit and I will be ready to leave.

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