Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alise finds the cell phone and calls Rowan. She lets her know how Pandora is and that her water broke and that she is scared that it is too early for the baby to come.

“Chiot, tell Ob not to worry. She thinks the baby is big enough and will be fine. Even though her water broke it may take awhile for a first baby. She is on her way to the tavern now. She is sending the woman from the coven that she told us about to watch Tomas and Tara so we can go as soon as it is time for you to change.”

Alise calls Silk and then settles with Tomas to feed him before they leave. After a moment she is grabbing the phone again and calling Raina. She feels the question from Stoney touching her mind. Star is with Erik. She helps Rowan with many of the births for the coven and Rowans other patients. She can go to Pandora right away. Tell Ob. She should be there shortly... Tell him to stay stone or he will scare Star to death....

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