Sunday, January 30, 2011

Her cell phone clicks shut as Tori opens the Tavern door. It rings again and she gives directions to the band coming to play. Damned ghouls were lost. Ike waves to her and Tori nods to the stairs. Ike shakes her head and Tori heads to the bar. Monty slides her an orange jouice and coffee.

"I put a call in to Mortuis. He doesn't know the vampire. Neither do his contacts." She watches as Stoney and Alise come down the stairs. "Monty, will you send over something to eat? I'll let Ike know what they want." He nods. "Can you join us for a bit?" Monty smiles as Tori heads for a table.

A young man stops behind her as Alise sits down and leans close. He whispers in her ear and Tori snaps around, hand striking out. He catches it and kisses her palm. Stoney raises a brow and she sends a thought. Sleep with a snake and he wants to lay claims... There is laughter behind her words and she tells him she will catch up with him later. Right now is family time.

The snake shifter heads back to his group and drapes into a chair. He smiles at Tori, then turns his attention to someone sitting next to him. Tori laughs as Stoney glares at the man.

"He is okay, Bro. A lot like Ob in fact. Puts up a player front, but is really a sweet guy. He was telling me there have been a lot of deaths among the homeless down in The Palisades. I need to let Mortuis know about that. He and Silk are coming tonight."

She raises her coffee as Monty brings platters of food. As soon as he and Ike are settled, the family settles in to catching up.

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