Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pandora feels much better since Star's arrival, she knows Rowan will be there soon... and she is a little ashamed of her earlier panic; things would probably have felt different if Chloe had waited awhile longer and Ob had been there. "Star,I can't tell you how much you've helped already... I am so much more relaxed"... she barely got the words out before another sharp pain hit... she remembered to breathe as Star had shown her... she locked her eyes on Star's and the changing color seemed to reflect her emotions.

Pandora said to Star as the pain eased... "this seems much faster than Alise's ; do you think Chloe will come sooner?... She caresses her belly and says... "Chloe , you must slow down and wait for your daddy to rise... it is important for him to be with us." Again the sensation of love swells over her; and she can tell from Star's reaction that she felt it too. Pandora smiles... "I think my daughter is communicating with us already."

She looks over to Obsidian and then glances out the door, the day is slipping away... and she knows Ob will free himself as soon as he can.

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