Sunday, January 30, 2011

Traeger tries to be calm as he finishes business with his customers... but his mind is racing with excitement, his daughter is having the baby. He thanks the gods that he went ahead and worked to finish the cradle while Obsidian was occupied with other things he could not avoid. Ob had done much of the basic wood construction, but Traeger worked the carvings on the headboard and footboard... he had sanded and polished till it was smooth as silk, and gave it a warm natural wood finish.The delicate flowers on the headboard were inlaid with petals of mother-of-pearl, and the leaves were inset with jade... the flower's centers were various colors of stones from the ones that Stoney had gifted to Pandora. It was a work of art that would be passed on for generations to come... under the cradle's base were the initials of Traeger and Ob... for all time it would be known that it was a labor of love from a father and grandfather.

Traeger cleaned up and put the cradle near the door where Ob could easily find it later after Chloe was here among them... and then they would present it to Pandora.

His heart was skipping with joy over his granddaughter's arrival; but also because he would see Rowan again... he missed her presence when she was busy, and today her business was Pandora. He mused over the idea of offering Rowan some of his time to help her with coven chores, that she might have a little time to call her own. He missed the covens he had belonged to long ago with his wife, and thought Rowan might welcome his company.

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