Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rowan laughs, “I really didnt do any of the work here. Congratulations, Grandpa... I will be downstairs after a bit. We have a few more things to do here but I dont think it will take too long.”

Turning to the couple Rowan holds out her arms, “We need the little one for a bit if thats okay. She needs to weighed and measured and I want to check her over before I leave you two alone for awhile.”

Rowan examines Chloe and listens to her heart and lungs then hands her over to Star. “If you want to show her off to the family you can. She seems perfectly healthy.”

Alise and Stoney enter Pandora's room first. Alise goes to Pandora and hugs her while Stoney talks to Ob. She notices Star laying Chloe on a soft blanket, getting ready to wrap her up. Alise runs a finger over a soft cheek, “Oh Pandora, she is beautiful.” Chloe turns her head to see who is touching her and fixes a solemn gaze on Alise. As Star wraps the blanket around her, she turns her a bit to tuck in the ends and Alise sees the folds on her back and runs her hand gently over them.

She turns to Ob, “Mon Dieu, wings?”

Ob nods, thinking he should have warned Stoney so he could have told her.

Alise picks Chloe up, and holds her close, whispering to her in French. Chloe reaches a little hand toward Alise and Alise smiles, kissing the little fingers.

“Would you like to meet your uncle little one?”

She hands the baby to Stoney and Ob breathes a sigh of relief. He should have known the wings wouldnt matter to Alise either, she is so accepting and loving towards everyone.

Alise takes Obs hand and kisses him on both cheeks, “Congratulations Barbare. She is precious.”

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