Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keon watches the elfwoman leave, speculation tugging at the more immediate thoughts of Cassie wrapping her legs around his hips. The music changes to a faster rythm and Keon moans sotly as Cassie grinds her body along his. There is something to be said about tall women, and he so very glad she is only a few inches shorter than himself.

"Warm waters are made for delving deep." His words bring a saucy smile to her lips and a hunger in her eyes. "How well, beauteous maiden, do ye ride."

Cassie quirks her lips. She leans close to whisper in his ear. "I can ride anything, any one, that comes my way." Her hand slides between them and she cups his bulge. She squeezes gently and Keon grins, teeth flashing bright against his ebony complexion.

"It's cold outside, ye will need yer coat, but I think I can keep ye warm until we get somewhere else." He kisses her gently, just moving his lips. Flicking his tongue against her lips until she opens to him, Keon nips lightly. She purrs and he licks along her teeth teasingly. "There will be more soon beauteous Cassie. Go get yer coat. I need to settle with Monty." He presses hard against her, making sure she can feel his eagerness. "Meet ye at the door."

She peels away from his body and Keon swallows. Gods she feels so good. He watches as he pays Monty. She is talking to Ron and the others. Ron hugs her and nods. Soon she is weaving her way to the door. Keon tosses his cloak around his shoulders and opens the door for her.


She laughs, that low throaty laugh that tightens his balls. "Nope, just saying see you later... and making sure you aren't a serial killer."

Keon grins in the darkness. "I assure ye, sweet maiden, I am many things, but not a serial killer."

There is a stamp of hooves and Cassie looks up surprised. The black steed turns red flamed eyes to her. She offers a hand and the horse sniffs, them allows her to touch his nose.

"You are a dangerous man, Keon. But you wouldn't hurt me."

Keon moves close, pressing behind her. "Only if ye wanted to be. But the screams I most desire are the screams of yer pleasure." His arm slides around Cassie's waist and he presses close, fitting his length to hers.

"Would ye mount?"

There is a momentary hesitation. Keon laughs. "The horse, woman. Would ye mount the saddle." He grins. "Although the idea of ye mounted on me lap as we ride is a tempting one."

Keon helps her into the saddle, then urges her to move forward as far as she can. He slides his hand up her thigh. He mounts behind her and presses close, forcing her to edge forward even more. The pommel presses between her legs and Keon knows she can feel the hardness of his cock against her tight ass. She wriggles, rubbing herself between him and the pommel. His legs tighten around the stallion involuntarily and the horse begins to move. Cassie gasps as the movement rubs the pommel over her damp jeans.

Keon wraps and arm around her waist and murmurs in her ear. "An it be warmer, what pleasure 'twould be to have ye mounted on me, riding such. Imagine the feel of hard leather against your swollen lips, pushing against your sensitive nub, as each step of the horse thrusts me within your tight heat."

He nips lightly at her ear as the horse steps into shadows. The temperature rises a bit and Keon urges her to open her coat. His hand slides upwards, playing along the fabric of her tight T-shirt, tracing the outlines of her nipple rings. She shudders against him.

"Cold lass?"

"God no.."

"Shall I stop?"

Cassie leans her head back, with a soft moan. Keon plucks at her nipples through the fabric. "no."

He kisses along her neck, nibbling a path of fire. He breathes deep, scenting just how aroused she is. A moan of pleasure parts her lips and Keon turns her face to his. Pushing with his hips, he forces her to grind against the pommel as he claims her mouth in a deep kiss.

He whispers against her ear, his breath warm and inviting, "I want to fuck you Cassie. I want to plunge deep in yer waters as ye ride hard. Gods know I want to fuck you, here and now, in the Path of Shadows. I know you are soaked, ready and willing. Just say yes and I'll make this night memorable."

"Let me down."

Keon slides from behind Cassie, helping her slide from the saddle. The crotch of her jeans is darker and he can smell the heady scent of her need. She finds her balance, then peels off her coat, handing it to Keon. He explores her body with his eyes, mesmerized for a moment, then pushes the coat in a saddlebag. Cassies moves her hands over her body, undulating as she strips off her t-shirt. Keon resists the urge to touch, his eyes burning as she hands him the T. As she reaches for her jeans, Keon stops her.

"Allow me."

His fingers slide over her belly, tracing under her breasts. She shudders. Her breasts sway and he cups them, stroking lightly. He kisses each breast, lapping over her nipples, gripping the rings in his teeth and tugging lightly. Cassie arcs into him and he grins upwards.

"These, sweet Cassie... I will enjoy this bounty a bit later."

Keon slowly kneels before her, licking his way along her taut belly. He nibbles his way around her navel as he opens her jeans and forces them down her hips. His mouth glides lower, tickling her mound with his tongue. Cassie sways as two fingers explore her wet slit. Keon's tongue finds her clit. His teeth graze over her hood ring and tugs. Cassie sways again, suddenly finding the warmth of the stallion against her back. She moans, spreading her legs as wide as she can with her jeans still around her calves.

Keon raises his head, then slowly removes his fingers. "Turn around and take them off Cassandra, strip for me."

As she bends to remove the jeans, Keon steps behind her. His hands caress the firm curve of her ass. Quickly unbuckling his jeans, he pushes them off his hips. His cock is hard and pulsing, throbbing at the erotic sight of her stripping. As she steps out of her jeans, Keon caresses her back, guiding himself between her thighs. The hard length of him rubs over her clit, easily gliding in her wet slit. His palm rubs along her spine keeping her bent. Cassie squirms against him, squeezing her thighs around his cock.

"Mount on me, horseback."

Keon bends over her, grasping the head of his cock to rub it hard over her clit again and again. Suddenly he pulls away, scooping up her clothes and shoving them in the saddlebag. His own jeans soon follow, as do his cloak and T-shirt. Keon mounts, holding out his hand to her. Cassie stares at him. He is an image, shadow dark man astride shadow dark horse. Her skin fairly glows against his as she takes his hand.

As she swings her leg over, Keon leans back, gripping his cock and guiding it to her slit. Cassie lowers slowly, moaning as he shifts. Finding her seat, she grinds and Keon groans aloud. He reaches between her thighs and toys with her ring, then rubs her clit. The Horse shifts and Cassie moans, feeling Keon's length buck inside her.

He moves slowly, forcing her forward. Soon the pommel is rubbing her clit instead of his fingers. Their mount snorts and begins to move, walking slowly. Keon's hands slide up her body, cupping her breasts as he holds her to him, The reins slap against her belly as the horse moves into a canter, Keon keeps his seat, but Cassie finds herself bouncing on his lap, fucking herself to the rhythm of the horse's movements.

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