Monday, January 31, 2011

“Kkk..Keon... you said something about jj..justice. What cc..choices are there? They deserve to die for what they did to” Star is nervous talking about the red-headed fae. She doesnt know how much Keon has been told but the idea that anyone knew the details about what happened to her was horribly embarrassing. A red flush crept up her neck and cheeks and her eyes were shifting from yellow to orange, rimmed with black from her anger.

A tear slides slowly down her face and her eyes turn to grey as her gaze shifts to Erik. “They tt...took from me what I would have given to you. I want this settled before we marry, if tt..that is possible.”

"It will be, my love. We'll have to wait until the human resurfaces, but I assume we can deal with these two right now." Erik turns to Keon. "Perhaps I should not assume... am I correct, Lord Blackthorne? I can settle scores with these vermin now, or very soon?"

As Keon starts to answer he is distracted by Mya. She has gone to Stars cheek and is trying to wipe her tears and is making little sympathetic sounds. When Mya sees Keon looking at her she flies down to the table and in a very angry voice says, “Lord Keon. Bad men hurt Star. Let the hounds eat them, bones and all.”

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