Sunday, January 30, 2011

One of the demifae alights on the edge of Keon's table. It hums happily, swinging its feet. Keon continues to eat, waiting for the wee one to get to its point. Keon hides a smile, thinking about how hard it is sometimes to tell the males from the females.

"I know a secret...." The words come out singsong and Keon hides a smile.

"Demifae know many secrets."

"That we do, Dark Lord Blackthorn."

Keon watches the demifae, putting down his burger. "Is this secret related to why I enlisted your troop?" His accent is gone, lost in the sudden racing of his thoughts.

The grin disappears from the fae's face. "I know one for that too."

"Ah, so we have good news and bad news. Which would you tell to me first?"

Keon rests his elbows on the table, resting his chin on his interwoven fingers. He cocks his head to one side, watching the demifae. It flits upwards, landing on its feet. Suddenly it drops to one knee before Keon.

"Report, Lord Blackthorn..." It looks up at him and shakes its head. "I am afraid we have lost a man. Truant and two others followed the Morgan as ordered. They found where the Seelie's bones are hidden. Alas, we lost one of the three. They infiltrated the living spaces." It shakes its head. "Truant was too late to save Stinger. He got caught, by one of the Sidhe's servants. He wouldn't talk, even after She - " The small creature shudders. "She stole his wings, M'Lord. When he would not talk, she starved him, and when still he said nothing, she stole his life."

The demifae bends its head, quiet for a moment. It looks up at Keon, a fierce expression on its face. "Stinger will be avenged. Truant is having the body taken to the Glen."

It pauses a moment. "She lied to the Knight. His lover is not beneath her floor. The bones lie in a wooded space within her compound."

It looks up at Keon and grins, sharp teeth gleaming in an evil smile. "Report two, M'Lord. The ones whose faces were sketched by the fair Lady Star have had a visit from the Dark Lords. They are on the run, Hell Hounds enjoying the chase. Lord Twill wants to know if they are to bring them to... Justice, or if the Lady and her Warrior would do the meting out?"

Keon closes his eyes, thinking. "That, my wee friend, I will discuss with said Warrior and Lady." His lips twitch, creating a small smile. "And what news have you that brings gladness to the world?"

The demifae rises on a blurr of wings. "You know that the halfbreed Gargoyle and his Witch have brought their child into the world." It pouts a moment. "Miko and Rachal will let no other demifae in the room." Its wings buzz in agitation. "They say no gifting until the Romanavich Rider has come to visit."

Keon nods. "There is a tradition among the Romanavich. We will respect that. Understood?"

The fae nods, then breaks into a grin and darts closer. "Lady Star has accepted the Warrior as her own. She is going to marry the ancient human."

"Good and happy news indeed. Send word to Twill I will answer as soon as I discuss his question with those involved. Now is not the time to ask. Now is the time to honor such a binding. As for Stinger, I will send an emissary to the Glen with Our condolences. Truant is to be very careful, and scout out wards and traps around the bones."

The fae accepts honey from Keon's plate and dances away on a draft. Keon shakes his head when the new waitress offers him more coffee. he stops her as she starts to move on, asking her to let Erik and Star know he wishes a moment of their time, when they are not busy. The shifter nods, moving on.

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