Sunday, January 30, 2011

Erik can tell from the furious knocking on his door that something must be wrong. He opens it to find Raina and she hurriedly explains that Pandora needs Stars help as she has gone into labor. Star asks Raina a few questions, none of which Raina has the answer for. With a quick kiss for Erik Star is out the door and down the hall to Pandoras room.

She knocks softly and opens the door a crack and peeks in. Pandora is laying on her side on the floor next to Ob who is still in his gargoyle form. Star swallows hard and tells herself he is just like Stoney and is nothing to be afraid of. She goes to Pandora and takes her hand, noticing the wet clothes. Pandora looks scared and as if she had been crying.

“Come, its all right. Lets gg...get you cleaned up. Rowan is on her way.” Star wraps her arms around Pandora and hugs her. “Ddd..ont be scared. Alise is coming too. And you will be holding your baby soon...”

Star helps Pandora clean up and finds a fresh shift for her to put on. Pandoras contractions seem to be getting closer together already and Star thinks her labor wont be a very long one. She walks her to the bed and has her sit on the edge close to Ob. Star rubs her back and shoulders and helps her to breathe through the contractions. The panicked look leaves Pandoras face, and she starts to relax. The pain easier to manage with Stars help and the knowledge that Ob would soon be joining them.

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