Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keon smiles, a twitch of the lips only, but his dark eyes sparkle with merriment.

"So Beauteous One, am I permitted the informal? Or is it Cassandra for me?" Keon leans close and whispers in her ear. "Cassandra is beautiful, but Cassie is... " His voice drops to a burr, "sassy."

Keon moves slightly so she rides his thigh as they slowdance. He can feel her taut nipple and rings through his t-shirt and he presses his thigh between her legs. She grinds on his thigh. "I think you" she breathes into his ear, "can call me Cassie..."

His brogue deepens, becoming something almost tangible. "Well Cassie, ye asked an' I can swim. Aye, I can, like a selkie lover on a full moon night. Are yer waters warm enow lass? I be sure I can find a way to bring them ta simmerin'..."

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