Monday, January 31, 2011

Raina sighs, “Damn, Nick... what the hell was that? I've never cum so hard in my life...”

Nick is grinning as she sits up and leans over his prone body. Her rising sets the small pool of blood collecting in her collarbone to moving. Nicks eyes are hot as he watches the crimson trail wind its way from the base of her throat, down a breast and staining a pink nipple darker. A bead gathers, ready to drop. The glistening ruby, glowing softly in the candle light, drops on Nicks chest. Another drop starts to form and Nick groans, hunger and desire almost overtaking common sense. His tongue laps at Rainas breast, the drops coming faster, his desire increasing apace.

Raina straddles him, taking him in to the hilt. His hands on her breasts, the crimson flow slowly increasing as she rocks. Nick looks in her eyes and sees only love and acceptance there and he is overcome with the feelings he has for her. Gently pulling her down, he kisses her, his thrusts slow and deep, her moans telling him how close she is. When she starts to shake Nick lets go, filling her and feeling her shatter around him, her pussy grabbing tight and milking him.

Later, laying in his arms Nick feels a tear on his shoulder and turns a startled gaze to Raina.

She looks him in the eyes and says simply “I love you...” and he understands, remembering Stars words, She loves and hates and feels more deeply than the rest of us... and he holds her close....

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