Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rath takes the hand of his dance partner after the dance ends and they step out for some fresh air... he leads her to a dark area and she turns into him, ready for his kiss. He had been talking with her and found her to be intelligent as well as well endowed. He kissed her with hunger... his tongue slipping into her mouth as he drew her tighter against him; he trailed his lips down her throat to the pulse point in her neck and he bit her gently while caressing her breasts... her breath caught for a moment and then she began groping the front of his pants, seeking his manhood and caressing it through the fabric.

Rath decided he wanted to keep the girl as a concubine for awhile; she was in a sexual trance now from his saliva that entered her system with his bite... and she craved him now; as he craved her body and blood. He drew blood slowly from her... keeping his pace slow, that he not take too much and weaken her... his hands exploring her body and finding it pleasurable. She had drawn his cock from his pants and stroked him, and he slipped fingers inside her panties to squeeze her clit and run them up and down seeking the entrance to her pussy. He grew impatient and tore them from her and drew her closer still... picking her up by her buttocks and sitting her on his cock... plunging deep as he drew precious drops of blood from her neck. She was near orgasm and he felt it too, and returned his mouth to her lips, ravaging her mouth with his tongue as he ravaged her pussy.

Rath set her down and adjusted his clothes; she did the same... looking at him with eyes full of lust and need. He wrapped an arm about her and they returned to the tavern and his booth; she clung to him and showed great affection... oblivious to the fact that he had taken a pint of blood from her neck.

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