Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stoney presses Alise into the pillows, angling his body across hers. He takes his time, kissing gently, teasingly. A tendril of his hair slides over his shoulder to tickle along her throat. When she giggles, he draws back and cocks his head. A small grin twitches at his lips and he begins to stroke the tendril over her breast. Watching her eyes, Stoney moves lower. Alise shudders, making her breasts jiggle. His eyes burn at the display, and he strokes again.

Alise whispers his name, arching her body under his attention. "Re'mi.... ooohhh!"

His lips graze the golden curls gracing her mound. He breathes out softly, only just aware he had been holding his breath. The warmth flutters through the curls, making them dance erotically. He sighs and she squirms. The pale flesh under the curls calls to him. Stoney nuzzles her mound, flicking small licks, tugging at the hair. Alise moans and he moves lower as her feelings begin to spill into his.

Suddenly, she is gone. Stoney pauses, seeking her mind with his, and feels the twins. Their minds have sought theirs and Alise gave him time to shift gears, to become Daddy again.

He groans, closing his eyes and rolls away from the scent of her heated arousal. Alise brushes her lips over his forehead.

"Get used to it Chiot..."

"I know..." he sighs, and rolls to his knees, grabbing at his jeans.

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