Sunday, January 30, 2011

The violin solo from Danse Macabre alerts me to an incoming call.

"Hello?... Ah, Tourmaline, how delightful to hear from you! What may I do for you today?...A new vampire? Describe him, please. ...No, I know of no one who fits that description. ...Let me make some calls. ...Yes, I'll let you know what I've learned as soon as I may... No, not at all. It was good of you to call. Better safe... No, take no action till you hear from me. Yes. My thanks... Yes. Goodbye."

Scarcely has the first call ended before I punch in a second number. "Rufus? Magnus. ...Well, thank you, and yourself? And how is that young scamp of a niece of mine? ...Well, one is young but once. Something has just been brought to my attention. Have you made any recent additions to the clan? ...Ah. Then you should be aware that someone new is in town. ...No, to the best of my knowledge he's caused no trouble; still, I have but this moment learned of his existence. No - Dark could never pass for human, not now... You may want to be on your guard, just in case... Yes. I'll leave that to your discretion. Yes. ...Tell Angela hello for me. Thank you, I will. You, too... Goodbye."

I marvel at how long it can take to learn so little - then I punch in Tourmaline's number.

"Tourmaline? My contact knows nothing of your new vampire. Have you spoken with Nekron? He may know something of the fellow." I chuckle. "Yes, he can be somewhat intimidating to approach… perhaps you could speak to Lady Raina, then." My eyes go wide beneath the hood. "Oh, now that is good news indeed! My felicitations to Lady Pandora and your cousin. Yes. Yes, I believe I will visit, indeed. If  I may have a moment of your time while I am there, I have a proposition for you that may be to our mutual advantage. Yes. …I look forward to speaking with you then. Goodbye."

It is the work of a moment to swirl my cape into place, snatch up my cane and bellow upstairs.

"Naji, if you are ready…?"

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