Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ike lies back in Monty's arms, sated and happy to be where she was. It had been a fruitful night. A dress had been found, all the little things were being accomplished, right down to the Shifter's letting Ob and Stoney know the sacred grove was theirs for the Handfasting anytime they wanted it

Pandora had told her about the rings when Alise was in the dressing room. From what she said, they were almost completed. Just the rings yet, and the jewelry Traeger was making, and it would all be ready.

Ike stretches, rolling over and kisses a dozing Monty. He opens heavy lidded eyes and smiles.

"I better move to the floor, or I will break the bed in just a few minutes."

One final kiss and Ike curls beside the bed, just as stone changes her.

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