Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ike stops by the booth with the man who was staring at Pandora. There was no way she was letting the new girl wait on this one.

The vampire's eyes seem to glow as she greets the couple.

"Welcome to the Twisted Tit! My name is Ike. Is there anything I can get you?"

He stares silently at her for a moment and Ike simply smiles. She knows what he is trying to do, but it isn't working. There is a heaviness starting in her neck, a feeling of stone thickening. She feels the wards pulse. Her emerald eyes narrow.

"No offense, but we don't stand for trying to control someone's will here. This place is for relaxation. If you keep it up, we'll toss you out." The pull stops and Ike smiles sweetly

"So... what would you like to drink? We have fresh blood. Sorry, it's cow, we don't serve human blood. Oh, and please, no... indulging... in that here. There are rooms available if you are new to town, Some are tailored to nightlifer's needs."

He raises an eyebrow at her comment. She puts on her best airheaded act, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Oh, y'know... Vampires need lightproof rooms, Gargoyles need something solid to roost on... and so on... tell us what you need and it is supplied. If you are more into sex games... there are playrooms downstairs and private rooms upstairs..."

Rath leans close, his voice sensually deep with a dangerous edge. "Fresh blood sounds... delicious. My date would like another wine cooler."

Ike smiles sweetly at him and jots it down. She takes three more orders at the booths before sashaying her way through the crowd. Once at the bar she gets a kiss from Monty.

"Babe... I laid down the House Rules to him. But I think we are going to need to watch him."

Patti brings her orders and nods to the plant at the edge of the bar. Ike grins. Patti leans down to get another bar cloth and whispers to the plant. Something darts up to the overhead banners and is gone from sight.

Ike heads back to the booths, delivering drinks. As she reaches the vampire's booth, she smiles again and places the drinks on his table. "On behalf of the Management, this round is on the House."

She can feel his eyes on her as she sways through the crowd. Ike stops at the family table and kisses Ob's cheek. She whispers in his ear about the demifae and smiles sweetly as she takes a seat. Propping her feet on a chair, she watches the new girl as she works the tables halfheartedly.

"I'm sorry we hired her. I am so going to have a talk with her tonight." She turns to Pandora." You know, it's been a while since we did anything different... What do you think about having an Amateur Night? The bands can play one song each... Comedians have 10 to 15 minutes... something like that?"

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