Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cassie awakens to the sound of Keon moving around her boathouse. She sighs and stretches, relishing every ache from the previous night. She drags herself out of bed and moves to where Keon is pulling some things out of his saddlebags and dressing.

“Good Morning Sweet Nymph. Did ye get enough sleep?” and he grins wolfishly at her.

Cassie laughs, “No. But I imagine I can sleep in after my swim.” She moves the small counter that makes up her kitchen. “Coffee?”

Shaking his head Keon tells her, “No thank you. I must get myself back..”

“Okay. I can walk you out. I usually swim first thing in the mornings...” Once out on the dock, Keon pulls Cassie into his arms and holds her close. He starts to say something but Cassie puts a finger over his lips. “Please dont explain. I know what last night was and I know the difference between need, want, desire - whatever you want to call it - and love. I am not expecting anything from you. Well...maybe one thing...”

Keon raises an eyebrow, not sure what to expect ..

Cassie smiles, “Your friendship. Please, just be my friend. So many shy away from me or say they want to get to know me but once the novelty of the blue skin wears off... well... lets just say true friends are hard to come by...”

“Oh lass, I think your skin is beautiful, foolish are those that dont see that. You have my friendship, I can give you that...” Keon runs his fingers slowly through her hair and kisses her. “We can talk when next you come to the tavern...”

Cassie whispers, “Thank you... for everything....”

Keon nods and with a final caress to her cheek turns to leave. When he reaches the end of the dock he turns to look at Cassie but she isnt there. All he can see are the ripples flowing outwards from her silent dive into the water.

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