Character bios

This is a work in progress, never to be completed....

Dr. Magnus Mortuis is an enigma, even to those who know him best, his past as dark and impenetrable as the forbidding black hood that enshrouds his face.

Sorcerer, alchemist, surgeon and swordsman, Mortuis lives in the no-man's-land between humanity and the supernatural, yet belongs wholly to neither. Rogue supernaturals know him as Hellsbane, and humanity knows him not at all, save as the eccentric host of a television show, The Torture Chamber of Dr. Mortuis. With knowledge and will, sorcery and steel, and the help of a group of loyal allies on both sides of the conflict, Mortuis fights for a future where humans and supernaturals can coexist in peace.

Mortuis is written by Mortuis. (Who didn't see that coming?)

Alise was born in France some 200 years ago. Torn from her loves arms and forced to come to America to be married, she was brutally murdered before the wedding took place. She spent years as spirit in the Manse until Stoney arrived. Once they recognized each other, Stoney would stop at nothing until he found a way to bring her to life again. 

Alise is written by Ghost.

Obsidian Heart (Ob) was born Azda'aya Josephito Dago-Romanovich, son of a Deamon and the half-Romani, half-Gargoyle woman he raped. Unable to shift form like his Romani Kin, he felt himself an outsider. Leaving home to follow the passion within, he followed stories of Magic and Music, seeking to help where he could, and learn whatever crossed his path.

Banding together with three other Gargoyles, they created the band Montenegro and toured the continents, finally finding their way to America.

Coming to Exton in answer to his cousin's call for aid, Ob found that which made him feel complete: Pandora.

Ob is written by Silknleather.

John Stone was roistering in the tavern, cards in his hand and a girl on his knee when word came that his wife was dying and asking for him. "Let be, I'll finish this hand," he said.

When he returned home hours later, his wife was long dead, her brother sitting by her bedside holding her cold hand. He turned to Jack as he  entered, cold fire in his eye. "Hear me, man of stone. Since you have refused to comfort the dying, from henceforth you will succor the dead.  You will see the dead, hear their voices, and help those who desire it to go on to their rest. So long as a single unquiet spirit remains bound to this world, you yourself cannot die. This is your doom, John Stone."

From that day to this, Jack Stone has walked the earth, doomed to help the dead to their rest, knowing none himself…..

Jack is written by Mortuis.

Rowan is High Priestess of the Silver Moon Coven, Daughter of the Goddess, Healer. She cares for her coven and the humans and supernaturals that seek her aid. Redheaded,  of Irish descent, a little temperamental, and very much a workaholic, she considers Star her daughter.

Rowan is written by Ghost.

Born to a purebred Nest of French Gargoyles, Re'mi had the audacity to fall in love with a human. Neither family approved and they were forced apart. Heart-broken, his melancholy music had many believing his cathedral home was haunted. Almost a century later, those same eerie melodies, and stories of a cursed love, drew a wandering Gargoyle. Re'mi turned his back on a home he could no longer bear and followed his new friend.

Tall, lean, and dark-maned in his human form, his admirers always found him distant. His heart, he would explain, belonged to his childhood sweetheart. He vowed to find where her body was lain to rest, and there end his days.

Re'mi took the name Bloodstone, leaving his real name for those he trusted not to speak it in public. All others he calls friend, use the name Stoney.

Stoney is written by Silknleather.

Meet Nicholas Nekron - a bad-boy vampire with anger management issues. Born a Southern aristocrat, Nick was turned during the last days of the Civil War, when the South had already lost but had yet to acknowledge it. He has no love for humanity, and little for other supernaturals. He has a small circle of dedicated friends that he would gladly die for, and the rest of the world can go to Hell.

And Nick will be more than happy to send them on their way.

Nekron is written by Mortuis. 

Star is half-Fae, half-human, empathic, with the ability to understand animals and an unpredictable gift of healing.

Small, delicate, and beautiful, Rowan found her horribly beaten and left for dead. She took her home and cared for her, and Star became her apprentice in the healing arts. The attack left Star silent, speaking only rarely.

Star is written by Ghost.

Intrigued by the thought of learning music in other lands, she eagerly sought teachers everywhere the foursome went. Being the youngest, and still unable to hide her wings, Ike was often mistaken for an Angel come to Earth. The changeable green of her eyes, and the slight tint of green to her pale blonde hair inspired her to take the name Malachite. She shortened it to Ike for everyday use. Her real name she left behind in her Highland homeland.

Ike is written by Silknleather.

Gareth is a knight of the Bright Court. Sent on a mission in the Unformed Plane by Queen Titania, Gareth and his squire Conal were captured by Morgan Bloodmane and brought back to her estate as virtual slaves to her every whim, each a hostage for the other's good behavior.

Gareth is written by Mortuis.


Inari is often called the sword arm of Titania, or the Queen's Blade. She serves her queen and her loyalty is without question. In return, Inari is one of the few people Titania trusts and trusts implicitly, so much so that she has emergency ambassadorial powers given by the Queen. She is respected throughout the Realm and her feats in battle are legendary among the fae.

Inari is written by Ghost.

When baby sister decided to leave Scotland, eldest sister decided to accompany. Able to cast limited spells due to human blood in her direct heritage, Tori made it her mission to keep Ike safe. When it became clear that little sis could take care of herself, Tourmaline stayed with the band, enjoying the freedom to be herself. She had no interest in returning home and bearing young for the Nest.

Over the years she built a thriving business selling the artwork of "Other" artists. Fiery tempered and tough, Tori has a soft center to her heart... but only a few have gotten past the granite exterior to find it.

Tori is written by Silknleather.

Max Lanigan is a reporter for The Exton Examiner. He's seen some strange things in his time, in places like New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Chicago, and he came to Exton to wait out his remaining years until retirement, convinced he was done with strange things.


Max is written by Mortuis.

Raina is descended from a long line of Viking Warriors. She is long lived, maybe immortal and searches for her family. Shaman, empath, warrior, she is beautiful, strong, and has several tattoos that are actually living creatures that come to her aid at her bidding. Straight raven-black hair and emerald eyes, she is wild, passionate and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. 

Raina is written by Ghost.

Born to a tribe of shapeshifting Romani, Natalia Romanavich learned to fight, hunt and track in both human and Dragon forms. Her life was complicated by the Djinn/Succubus blood inherited from her mother. Little is known of her history, save that at one time she was trapped in service to a man who used her to create an empire. Managing to escape his control, she stole her bottle and sought service elsewhere.

Entering  into a bargain with Herne, Lord of The Hunt, she began training to become one of his Riders under the name Silknleather, or Mistress Leather.. Completing a mission which released her from her contract, Silk now resides in Exton. By most she is called Silk, by her lover and Kin, Nadji.

Silknleather is written by Silknleather.