Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star looks up as she hears a soft tapping on the door. Rowan sticks her head in, smiling, “Can I join the party?”

Ob looks visibly relieved to have Rowan there as well as Star. Rowan asks a few questions and feels Pandoras belly to see what position the baby is in. Rowan can feel a contraction start and watches Pandora as she breathes through it. “Good. I can see Star has been helping you. Let me check you out, I think you can start pushing pretty soon. Star, would you go out to the van and get the bag we need for the baby?”

Star nods and leaves the room. As she heads down the stairs she runs into Alise and Stoney. The two women hug each other and Alise takes her hands in hers, “Its good to see you. How is Pandora? Will the baby come soon?” Alise feels something on Stars hand and looking down sees the gold band on her finger. “Star! I have never seen you wear jewelry. What is this? And its on your left hand...”

Smiling, Star tells her, “Erik gave it to, he wants to mm..marry me..”

Alise pulls her close and hugs her, “What wonderful news, I am so happy for you... Stoney did you hear?”

“I have to get some things for Rowan... the baby will be here soon...”

“All right, I will come help you. Stoney, we will be right back...” and Alise and Star head out to the van.

Upstairs Rowan is showing Ob how to help Pandora sit and support her when she starts pushing. Rowan smiles, Ob is calmer and the panicked look is leaving his face. She wonders if Stoney is talking to him or if its because she has given him a job, and he realizes he is very much needed in this whole process. Or a little of both....

Star and Alise arrive and Star starts setting up the things she will need for Chloe once she is here. Alise goes to Pandora and hugs her, kissing her on the cheek. “You are so beautiful and strong Pandora. Your little one will be here before you know it. I'll be outside if you need me.” She hugs Ob and leaves the room just as Pandoras contractions pick up in frequency and intensity.

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