Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rath decides to try his hand on the dance floor... he has observed that much of the dancing of the day is body movements in time to the music... and he always had a good sense of  rhythm. He watches the warrior from the table of the pregnant woman take to the floor with a woman graced with blue skin and hair... rather striking for the oddity she is.

He approaches a girl with waist length black hair and asks her to dance; she agrees and they are soon out on the floor and Rath enjoys the feel of holding a woman again, she has a sweet scent and he can hear her pulse pounding beneath the skin of her neck... she is excited by him... and he remembers anew how much women were a joy. They move about the floor and he glances at a nearby table and almost stops before catching himself; its the girl from the other night.. she looks to be making a total recovery... but looked right through him with no recognition. He mused to himself, why should she know him... he is not the old man of the other night any longer... nothing in his appearance now would give her a clue. He makes a mental note to avoid the table anyway... and returns to the charming woman in his arms, nuzzling her neck as they sway to the music.

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