Monday, January 31, 2011

I look around as I wander in and head for my usual booth. Damned place is swarming with demifae. They're well behaved enough, but it makes me itchy to have so many small people hanging around; I'm afraid I might sit on them or something.

I sigh as Patti brings my usual. I collect a kiss along with my Corona and lean back to wind down. From the corner of my eye, I see a movement. Startled - it might be a pixie or something - I start upright again - but it's Alise, waving me over. I groan and move over to her table. I see Stoney at the bar and wave. I make bold to snatch a kiss in passing and collect a hug in the bargain - from Alise, not Stoney.

"Jack, its good to see you. Please, sit. I need to ask you about something."

"Anytime, gorgeous. How're the little ones?"

"They are wonderful." She beams, talking about them. "I needed to ask about the earthbound spirits. Have you ever encountered any that do not speak to you? Should one try to make them talk or do you always wait until they approach you first?"

"There's no hard and fast rule, hon. Fact is, I can't make 'em talk, so I just have to wait." I shrug. "I mean, sometimes I'll try to strike up a conversation, but if they don't want to talk, they don't talk. What, Stoney's so boring you feel the need to talk to the dead now?

Well… do you have any reason to suppose Star might be in danger, anything like that?"

"Well...I don't know...I don't think so... I could ask Erik or Raina.…"

"You're a pretty good judge, Alise. I don't know," I shake my head, working loose the tenseness as Stoney joins us. "Sometimes the dead will hang around the people they cared about in life, just because they feel good being near them. Sometimes they stay to try to protect them from danger. There's really no way to be sure unless they talk to someone."

"But...should I try to talk to her? But then I will have to tell Star that I see her or… I dont want to hurt Star with this... what if it isn't her maman but someone else?"

I smile and take her hand. "Don't make everything so complicated, darling. Trust in this." I take her hand and lay it over her heart. "You have a good heart, Alise, the best and truest I've ever known. Trust your heart; it'll never lead you astray."

Stoney pulls her close.."You do, mon amour. Believe in yourself. You will know what to do when the time is right."

Alise nods, "I am glad you both are so confident. I am not so sure, but like you said, maybe it will just come to me, what I am suppose to do and when...

Thank you Jack. If you both will excuse me for a moment, I need to speak to Rowan before she leaves.."

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